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Milky Way Landscapes are photographed when the Sun, Earth, Moon, stars and weather conditions align. Each image has been photographed patiently waiting for the elements to come together. There is a brief window each year to capture Milky Way Landscape photographs and some of these photograph have taken years to photograph waiting for the right moment.

All Milky Way Photographs are captured with other celestial objects and anomalies such as planets, colourful airglow, dust lanes, our supermassive black hole, meteors, nebulas and star clusters. Each image has many of these, when purchasing a print feel free to ask me what's in your photographs.

Post processing has been applied to reduce city light effects and enhance hidden features in the sky to bring the night landscapes to life. Our eyes are unable to collect enough light to see the wonders of the night sky. With a camera we can. 
To learn my post processing workflow, click here to purchase tutorials and guides.

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