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Let's bring your stars to life!

In this area you will find guides and tutorials from the Editing Masterclass including how to edit your single Milky Way photographs, create panoramas, produce noise-free images, star trails and time-lapses. 

Follow the workflow of my single Milky Way Landscape to bring out the RAW data from your photographs in Photoshop. Edit the practice photograph along with the step-by-step guide and video and apply the workflow to your Milky Way photographs 
Website Single Image Edit complete.jpg
Website Raw Single Milky Way Edit.jpg
Panoramas can be difficult to perfect. Learn more about how to ensure your panorama is successful and how to fix them when Photoshop doesn't perform well. Learn which dedicated software to use, lens choice, preferred settings and how to setup your equipment for a seamless panorama.
Website Unwarped Panorama.png
Website Panorama.jpg

Learn how to create noise-free images to bring out the finer details of your foreground and night sky. Dramatically improve the quality of your photographs.

Website Noisefree edited.jpg
Perry Sandhills Noise Free Complete.jpg
Spend a night capturing mesmerising images for you to create a star trail! This area teaching you how to set up your camera, plan your photoshoot, how star trails work, stacking your photographs and editing from start to finish.
Final Abercombie House Star Trails TM.jp
Nashdale star trails complete SM.jpg
Setup your camera let your camera roll! With the photograph you capture create a time-lapse of the Earth rotating!

Enjoy the stars

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