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David Magro's Timelapse Gallery

Milky Way and Moon


Here you will find timelapses at amazing night sky locations.

During one night sky conditions change with clouds, colourful airglow, meteors and satellites moving across the sky. 



Each Star Chaser Photo Tour is a highly unique photographic adventure capturing the Milky Way in dark sky locations at spectacular locations. Explore the tours below.

Timelapse Collection

Welcome Home

This is a collection of time-lapses captured in dark sky locations and heavily light polluted skies.


During 2020 I travelled across NSW almost every night conditions were good to capture the Milky Way. I visited locations such as the Snowy Mountains, Central Coast, South Coast, Mungo Mungo, Lake Menindee, Narrabri, Hat Head and the NSW Central West among many others places.


I lived on the road only at home when the moon and clouds allowed me to do so. It was my goal to explore my home state of NSW photograph the night sky around me during this time.

Milky Way Reveal

As the clouds parted at the right moment revealing the Milky Way Core over a secluded Central Coast, NSW beach.

It was a cloudy night when I arrived at 12am with the forecast predicted clearing skies. It was a gamble to hope for clear skies as it did not look promising after beginning the hike to the vantage point.

I was rewarded with clear skies and amazing green and red airglow for taking the risk late at night.

Earth Rotating

This is 6 hours of the Earth spinning on it's axis. Facing the magnetic south pole the stars appear to be moving in a circular motion. It is the Earth rotating through space. 

From Pearl Beach on the Central Coast you can see the light pollution from Sydney with boats and planes travelling throughout the night. Also cars driving the around the streets below.



Sharing my love for photographing the night sky is my passion. Since 2014, David Magro has taught over 5000 beginners and enthusiasts the skills needed to create stunning images under the Milky Way.

Menindee Lakes

The Milky Way was visible after sunset across Lake Pamamaroo. Unseen to the naked eye, radiant red airglow was glowing throughout the night. With a camera and RAW processing the colours of the sky are visible. 

I camped 6 nights at Lake Menindee it was windy and cloudy for half of them. On this night it was mostly calm for the Milky Way to reflection on the water.

At the 8 second mark catch a large meteor blaze downwards in the centre frame. Planes and satellites also crossed the sky.

Narrabri Telescopes

Telescopes and the night sky are complimentary to each other. Combined they create a surreal space scene. 


This timelapse transitions from sunset to night as the Milky Way rises then follows the Milky Way set in the west in the next scene.

The telescopes were actively tracked the Milky Way Core region picking up radio signals within the Sagittarius constellation at the beginning of the night. Then the Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC) in the second scene.

Milky Way Falls

The Milky Way appears after sunset over a rural NSW waterfall. Water flowed down as wind blew the water sideways during the night as the Earth rotated in view towards the centre of our galaxy.

Canola Fields

Each year I visit the Central West to capture the annual blooming canola fields under the night sky. The first night I arrived it was very windy so I decided to drive a few hours south to Paddys River Waterfall and return the next night.

The following night's predictions were correct and there was no wind swaying the canola when I returned. I setup the timelapse and then wandered the fields photographing a variety of new compositions.

At midnight I had finished and I was covered and smelled of in canola after walking through head high flowers all night. I set up one last timelapse before sleeping in the car to pick it back up at sunrise.

Camel Rock

I have travelled to Camel Rock 3 times previously with clear skies predicted to only arrive with cloudy skies. On my fourth attempt there wee no clouds but instead a large bright light from a ship close to the horizon parked exactly where I was shooting.

I stayed two more nights to capture timelapses to only have other astrophotographers shining their lights making their way in the dark and more clouds.

This is a compilation of my failed nights at a popular shooting location. I captured amazing images at Horse Head Rock nearby and of Camel Rock but I don't think timelapses will be possible here again due to it's popularity.

Moon Series

Over the course of a 2 days and 2 nights I filmed the moonrise and moonset in Sydney, Newcastle and Central Coast.

This is a compilation of the footage captured at the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge, Nobby's Lighthouse and Long Jetty.

Star City

The Milky Way appears after sunset over a small town along the South Coast. As people go about their night travelling home, the stars come out hanging above.

On this night I setup my timelapse and star trails next to me as I ate my butter chicken dinner, watching the night transpire.

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