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Milky Way Masterclass Suite

Bring the night to life

Welcome to the Milky Way Masterclass Suite where you will learn how to plan, capture and process stunning Milky Way Landscapes. You will learn how to produce noise-free images to reveal the fine details in your foreground and Milky Way. This Masterclass Suite was designed for an enthusiast or beginner to produce Milky Way Landscapes with photography equipment you already own.

Included is 26 videos totaling 7 hours of Photoshop Training on 13 must-know topics, 2 Masterclass Photoshop Workflows, 1 Lightroom Masterclass Workflow, Camera settings analysis and essential Milky Way planning tutorials. Plus support text and resources are supplied for further learning.

This is what you need to know to produce amazing Milky Way Landscapes. With 10 years experience photographing the night sky, winning multiple awards and teaching over 4000 students, the Masterclass Suite was designed for you to replicate my photographs.