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David Magro's Real Time Gallery

Milky Way filmed live


Here you will find real time Milky Way filming videos from Australia.

With specialised equipment I was able to discover how to film Milky Way videos in real time. The video here is a mix of real time filming Masterclass workshops, meteors, myself and time-lapses.

Real Time Collection

Norah Head Lighthouse

Living close to the iconic Norah Head Lighthouse I am able to visit regularly under the night sky.

I have been photographing here for close to 10 years and I am always searching for new ways to showcase its beauty at night. With the ability to now film, it has opened new possibilities to  capture the night sky here.

Horse Head Rock

I spent 3 night at Horse Head Rock filming and photographing the area. The seeing conditions varied through the night with haze lingering in the air. 

I was able to produce a short video of the highlights from the trip. There is much more hover after processing this was the better quality from the night.

Horse Head Rock is a must visit location to witness the sheer height of the ancient rock formation. 

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