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A photographer blending art with science

David Magro is an Australian photographer specialising in capturing the night sky. His interest in night photography first began growing up in Glen Innes watching meteor showers, eclipses and the stars from his backyard. 

Years later, David would begin photographing the night sky and creatively produce landscape photographs blending art with science. 

David's dedication has awarded him the 2019 2nd place Australian Aperture Emerging Photographer of the Year, 2018 Australian Ambassador for SanDisk and WD and the 2017 Exposure Photographer of the Year.

David's work has been published by BBC, The Australian and many other publications.

In 2017, David was awarded the Exposure Photographer of the Year for his photograph "Field of Stars". His photograph is publicly displayed as a mural on Wyong Road, Central Coast. In addition, it is currently on display at Erina and Gosford library.

A dedication to showcasing science and art, David has exhibited at The KAB Gallery, The SPACE Gallery, Deluxe Prints, The Art House and many other locations.

David's philosophy is to enjoy the stars. He does this by providing awareness to the night sky and encouraging others to take time enjoying the stars. It is a creative challenge David continues to pursue by creating visually surreal scenes with long exposure photography.


David's background in science and science teaching has motivated him to teach photographers and hobbyists his technical and unique editing skills. David has presented at schools, photography clubs, events and he has developed The Masterclass which he has travelled around Australia teaching with astounding results.

The Masterclass was developed to teach everything about photographing and editing the night sky with in-field guidance, take-home guides and hours of online tutorials. It provides clear instructions on how to create photographs easily. A Masterclass Facebook support group also provides critique and help with continually updated content.

David is a science and technology enthusiast, a friend, traveller and he enjoys pancakes on a Sunday.

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