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Lake Canobolas

Lake Canobolas


Just outside of Orange, Lake Canobolas brimmed with water while the Milky Way stars stretched overhead.

In recent years, the lake had sadly experienced low water levels due to drought. However, I was fortunate enough to arrive when the lake was nearly full, bringing the stunning landscape back to life.

The lake provided a spectacular night under the stars, with the Milky Way gleaming above. The galaxy rose high in the sky, and I aimed to frame the image to emphasize the contrast between light and dark.

In the distance, the silhouette of the trees provided a smooth transition from light to dark, while the reflections on the water added a gentle touch to the scene. It was a composition uniquely visible at night.

As a side note, while visiting the lake earlier in the day, I had arranged to meet with a local community member named Toney Fitzgerald, who shared his incredible story with me. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to meet him and listen to his inspiring life journey.

As I frequently travel around Australia, I relish immersing myself in local communities and hearing their fascinating stories. Toney's was undoubtedly a remarkable one.

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