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Star City

Star City


The Milky Way unfurls like a celestial ribbon above a small town, its presence seemingly unnoticed by the people below. In the distance, a larger city casts a radiant glow, illuminating the horizon and setting the stage for a breathtaking scene.

From my vantage point at the top of the lookout, I observed the twinkling house lights, cars traversing the streets, and late-night beachgoers exploring the shore with flashlights. There was a bustling energy below, while my gaze remained fixed on the resplendent stars above.

I arrived a few hours early, as the Milky Way had yet to align with the picturesque town below. While waiting, I used a longer lens to zoom in on the sea cliff bridge, capturing cars as they traveled the scenic route against the backdrop of the star-studded sky. The result was a captivating time-lapse.

As the stars finally aligned with the town below, I began capturing a sequence of 64 photographs. This meticulous process allowed me to create a high-quality image that showcased not only the houses, cars, and streetlights but also the intricate dust lanes and vibrant nebulae that make up the heart of our galaxy. The juxtaposition of the bustling town and the celestial wonder above created a striking scene that will forever be etched in my memory.

  • Frames are avaialable in black or white Italian-Made frame or premium Australian oak. Frame size is 3cm wide with a black or white acid-free matboard.  The glass is clear glazed and professionally-finished comes ready to hang in your home.

    If you would like custom framing for a different size print or specific frame, matboard & glazing specs contact David at

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