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Capturing Milky Way landscapes, I seek simple alignments that create visually harmonious compositions. In this photograph, the secluded cove at Hat Head National Park exemplifies my ideal scene: a distinct piece of landscape effortlessly accompanied by the Milky Way stars.

The park's surrounding landscape is uniquely Australian, featuring sheer cliffs along the coastline that plunge vertically into the ocean below. From the cliff's edge, the views are breathtaking, with wallabies hopping freely on the grasslands.

In some areas along this stretch of coastline, small coves with fascinating rock formations and large, smooth boulders can be found. This is a rarity, as most of Australia's coastline consists of flat, sandy beaches without such impressive rock features.

I felt compelled to explore this landscape and discover unique compositions to capture under the night sky. Upon investigation, I was captivated by this particular spot, where the rock shelves' geometry frames the small body of water entering the cove.

Additionally, the massive, inclined rock in the water reaches skyward, its intricate lines revealing its age. The contrast of water washing over the dark grey rocks is both striking and soothing to the eye.

Although the scene appears calm due to the long exposure photography technique used, the sea was turbulent and roaring, its echoes reverberating within the cove. Once I grew accustomed to the rhythmic sounds, I began photographing this mesmerizing, secluded cove.

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