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Papuma Star Trails

Papuma Star Trails


Upon arriving in Papuma, I was met with monkeys leisurely hanging out on the beach and swinging from the branches above. The area is rich in exotic wildlife, including macaques, monitor lizards, birds, anteaters, porcupines, and numerous bats, among others. Witnessing nature coexisting with the small Indonesian community, consisting mostly of local huts and a few villas, was a remarkable sight. The place had a charming, natural atmosphere, nestled within the forest.

A few nights earlier, I had climbed the active volcano, Mt. Bromo, and explored the surrounding area, hoping to capture the Milky Way alongside the stunning landscapes. Unfortunately, the skies were cloudy every night, so I left without any Milky Way landscape photos, but I knew I would return one day.

Continuing my journey, I arrived in Papuma to photograph a 50-meter unique rock formation encircled by a reef. Although it was cloudy when I arrived, the clouds vanished as night fell, signaling a change in my luck after the previous cloudy nights at Mt. Bromo.

I began capturing a five-hour star trail sequence, securing my tripod with rope on the cliff edge to align the south celestial pole with one of the seven rocks of the atoll. This lone rock stood separate from the others, rising in solitary splendor. It was a significant highlight of my trip to Java.

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