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Cascading Falls

Cascading Falls


At this waterfall, a gentle cascade usually offers a soothing trickle of water that forms a delicate stream at its base. However, in 2019, Australia faced drought and fires, leaving the land parched and the waterfall waiting for a reprieve. I had been anticipating the perfect conditions for years to capture this enchanting scene beneath the stars.

Finally, in mid-2020, much-needed rain arrived, breathing life back into the waterfall and causing it to roar as it plunged into the valley below. I waited a few more weeks for the water level to subside, ensuring my lens would remain free of water droplets while shooting from below.

As I embarked on the hike to the waterfall just before sunset, I relished the familiar landscape that I had come to know through previous nocturnal visits. The soothing sounds of the cascading water enveloped me, creating an ambiance of peace and tranquility. Waterfalls have always been my favorite subject for nighttime photography, offering a serene haven to admire and contemplate.

As the twilight gave way to darkness, the stars of the Milky Way gradually emerged, painting a breathtaking backdrop against the waterfall. The fusion of the celestial dance above and the flowing water below produces a mesmerizing, dreamlike image to lose oneself in. For me, the combination of waterfalls and stars brings a sense of calm and harmony, a gentle reminder of the natural wonders that grace our world.

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