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Paddys River Falls

Paddys River Falls


Only a few waterfalls align with the Milky Way's galactic center, and Paddy's River Falls is among them. Positioned at the base of the Snowy Mountains, it flows heavily throughout the year due to the abundant water runoff, resulting in significant water spray.

This makes capturing multiple long exposures challenging, as droplets often land on the lens. To achieve the desired composition, I had to be close to the water's edge and capture a 180° panoramic view from inside the cave. That was my goal for the night, and luckily, the water level permitted me to do so.

As I began shooting, the roaring sound of the waterfall became amplified, likely due to heightened hearing at night. The thundering noise was intense as I stood just meters away, using my body to block the mist from reaching the lens. In total, I captured 64 images to create this stunning panoramic view of the Milky Way. I was thrilled to find that there was no mist on the lens after the shoot.

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