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Star Bay

Star Bay


Uncovering shapes in nature is one of the most captivating aspects of photography. Even before I delved into photography, I was always drawn to intriguing landscapes, though I didn't fully understand why. When I began traveling through China and Europe with my first camera, I became fascinated by the shapes and patterns found in nature, seeking out geometry and symmetry.


While exploring different locations, I enjoyed experimenting with various angles and perspectives, framing the same spot in multiple ways. This process brought me immense joy as I filled each frame with intriguing elements that tied the entire scene together.


For this photograph, I employed the same approach, framing the bay and its natural surroundings from a unique perspective.


From this elevated viewpoint, the large bay takes center stage, flanked by rugged vertical cliffs that guide your eyes toward the distant sandy shoreline. In the foreground, a dense canopy of lush green foliage frames the photograph, leading your gaze out to the ocean. The whitewash on the rock shelves adds a touch of movement and subtle depth, enhancing the scene.


Photography invites us to discover the art within nature. It helps us connect with locations that evoke emotions and encourages us to observe hidden shapes and details that make a scene visually appealing.

  • Frames are avaialable in black or white Italian-Made frame or premium Australian oak. Frame size is 3cm wide with a black or white acid-free matboard.  The glass is clear glazed and professionally-finished comes ready to hang in your home.

    If you would like custom framing for a different size print or specific frame, matboard & glazing specs contact David at

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