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Somersby Falls

Somersby Falls


Over the past 7 years, I have made annual visits to Somersby Falls to photograph the Milky Way. In 2020, I went 6 times, determined to capture the perfect image under the best conditions.


On this particular night, the water flowed gently, creating a defined, silky cascade over the rocks. It was the ideal amount of water to achieve a soft flow using long exposures, which I wanted to complement the night sky above.


The wind stirred, causing the trees to sway gently during the exposures, adding another layer of movement to the scene and enhancing the beauty of the night.


With numerous elements coming together to form a single image, I knew I had captured a unique photo of Somersby Falls to add to my collection from previous years. Next year, I will return and witness what the ever-changing landscape has to offer.

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