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Horse Head Rock

Horse Head Rock


Ever since I first saw Horsehead Rock, I knew I wanted to capture the Milky Way alongside its horse-like shape and flowing mane.


Astrophotography often presents challenges, and this image was no exception. Horsehead Rock is only accessible during low tides, with just a few nights each year offering the perfect conditions for a shot like this.


On my first attempt, a thick haze obscured the coastline, and no images could be taken. I slept in my car, hoping for better luck the following night. However, on the second night, unexpected clouds lingered all night long. By the third night, the tides had changed, making Horsehead Rock inaccessible. After three fruitless nights, I drove six hours home empty-handed.


Undeterred, I returned the following month for another attempt. The first night seemed perfect: clear skies and low tides. However, a fishing trawler with bright floodlights parked in front of my camera for four hours, leaving me waiting and eating prepacked butter chicken. The next night, other astrophotographers with their bright lights and light painting made it difficult to capture the shot I wanted.


On the final night, high tides once again threatened to thwart my plans. Determined to get the shot, I risked my gear and braved the cold, wet conditions to reach Horsehead Rock. I timed my movements to avoid the waves and protect my camera from the water.


Finally, I set up my camera at the perfect spot, grinning from ear to ear. There was no haze, no clouds, no fishing trawlers, and no astrophotographers with light painters – just me and the stunning night sky.


All the effort proved worthwhile, as the resulting image highlights the beauty and challenges of Milky Way landscape photography.

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