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Standing beside the five colossal telescopes as they observe the universe feels otherworldly. I've become friends with the senior scientist in charge of these telescopes, and they've allowed me to roam the grounds at night. On this particular evening, the telescopes were programmed to gather data from the galactic center of the Milky Way, following Earth's movements.

I had visited this observatory a few times before, even stepping inside the massive dish, reminiscent of the movie "The Dish," and capturing a panorama from within. This time, however, my plan was to photograph the entire observatory from the ground, showcasing the facility at work.

During this season, the Milky Way stretched vertically, with its bright core directly overhead. To create this composite image, I captured 20 wide-angle shots, covering nearly a full 360° view.


The final photograph reveals the Milky Way arching across the sky, its vertical stretch highlighting the galactic center of our solar system. This breathtaking view is best seen during the middle of the year in Australia.

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