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Waterfall Valley

Waterfall Valley


Australia is home to numerous waterfalls, but only a few align with the Milky Way, showcasing an expansive open sky above.


The first time I photographed this waterfall, a stunning green airglow illuminated the horizon. Half of the sky glowed green, partially covering the Milky Way. I was captivated by the image I captured and, with no hotels nearby, opted to sleep in the back of my car.


I returned several times, experimenting with new compositions and even venturing to the bottom of the falls for a fresh perspective. Yet, I was drawn back to the top, eager to capture a high-quality version that revealed the finest details. So, once again, I slept in my car and waited for the next night's perfect alignment.


Though the green airglow was absent that night, the pure simplicity of the waterfall and stars created a breathtaking scene. Meteors streaked across the sky, and the sound of water enhanced the experience of being under the stars. There are few places that so seamlessly connect the earth to the stars, and this is one of them for you to savor.

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