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At the end of the each Milky Way Season I make a list of locations I wish to photograph for next year. Bomboo Quarry was at the top of the list and I spent 3 nights here in early March before the crowds arrive at midnight in April. I enjoy a peaceful night by myself under the stars, just me and my camera without anyone else.

I arrived early at 10pm to set up and wait for the Milky Way to be visible at 1am. I waited under a clear sky until when 1am struck and clouds rolled over. The scattered clouds obstracted visibility until 4am when the clouds dispersed opening up the sky.

I began capturing photographs waiting for the right break in the clouds to frame the Milky Way. In most images, there was too much cloud coverage until this moment arrived and I had with a clear view of the Milky Way briefly among the clouds. 

Through persistence and perseverance I was captured a wonderful image unlike others I have seen. Most astrophotographers pack up when clouds arrive but I had hope that I would get a lucky break at some time.

Then shortly afterwards this photo, the clouds once again closed the sky. I knew I had the image I had came for and I can now tick this location off my list of locations to photograph under the stars.

  • Frames are avaialable in black or white Italian-Made frame or premium Australian oak. Frame size is 3cm wide with a black or white acid-free matboard.  The glass is clear glazed and professionally-finished comes ready to hang in your home.

    If you would like custom framing for a different size print or specific frame, matboard & glazing specs contact David at

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