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The Dish

The Dish


I'm a space enthusiast and pairing the Milky Way with a telescope was an experience like no other. They compliment each other by syncing Earth with deep space bridging the gap between.

Space fascinates me and on my Masterclass tour of 2018 in Narrabri I visited the Paul Wild Observatory. I had a chat with the lead scientist and he said it was possible for me to come one night to shoot the Milky Way here.

I was very excited but had to wait the following year as the Milky Way was too low for the composition I wanted. I patiently waited until the time was right.

The following year I returned and the alignment was just as I imagined. I was fortunate enough to be able to ask to change position of the telescope to line up with the Milky Way. We moved it around all night in various positions changing our composition throughout the night.

At the end of the night, we even got inside the telescope dish just like the movie "The Dish" and took photographs from within. You can see these also in my Milky Way Gallery.

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