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I had just won the Australian Exposure Photographer of the Year and I was feeling really good about my photography. I woke up early and checked the weather and most of NSW was cloudy except for a small patch in the country.

I quickly packed my gear and made my way out west. I rang the Parkes information centre and asked if it was okay to photograph The Dish at night and I got the all clear to go.

It was my first time seeing a telescope and I sat there in awe thinking about the acheivements in mankind it has made. It was pivotal to placing man on the Moon but I was sure there are less known efforts which are not publicised.

I had all communications turned off as to not interfer and spent the night photographing the iconic telescope under the stars. It moved throughout the night and I was chasing the telescope around waiting for an upright position pointing skywards.

After three hours it didnt move as frequent howver the Milky Way core has risen high in the sky. So I jumped in frame and captured a self portrait with the light illuminating me to appear as it is something from Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Month go by and I rang the Parkes Telescope  to ask permissions again and I was informed the public was not allowed where I was shooting. I explained I had permission before but I became aware no-one is allowed where I was previously and I was given wrong information to do so.

I embarrassedly apologised and I am now more vigilant when gaining permission to photograph private properties ensuring I speak to the correct person. One day I hope to visit again but attempts for access have been unsuccessful. 

I am happy with the images I captured this night, I look forward to the night I can photograph the Milky Way core with the historic dish.

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