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Seacliff Bridge

Seacliff Bridge


Milky Way Landscapes fanscinates me most when shooting scenes which look out of the world. Such as the seacliff bridge under the night sky.

This panoramic view is accessed by trekking through bush and walking along the cliffedge with a long way down. To acheive the composition I wanted I had to scambled down the cliff face on a small ledge to frame the Milky Way with the seacliff bridge.

It was a 40% luminous crescent moon which helped me to see my footing on the cliff edge and to also help illuminate the foreground below for this photograph. If it was a moonless dark night things would have been more difficult than they already were.

I took the photographs I needed and then perched my self up in a safer spot to enjoy the view. During the day it is a fantastic view, and at night it is mesmerising. Perhaps I am biased though.

As an extra to this story, I met a girl earlier this day and we had dinner together this night. I let her know that I will be climbing to the lookout later that night and if she wanted to join in afterwards. She was intriuged and joined in for the adventure. This was our first date and I just met her a few hours prior. It was a risky ask but she loved the night sky from atop the lookout.

It is not your traditional first date but sometimes clear skies take priority and as an astrophotography I can't miss an good oppurtunity to shoot the stars. 

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