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Inverell Masterclass

Inverell Masterclass


For four years I have been travelling Australia teaching night photographyfrom WA, SA, QLD, NSW, ACT. I have hosted over 300 workshops in almost every town across Australia teaching astrophotography. One day I hope to go to NT and Tassie.

The smaller towns are my favourite as the people are wonderful and excited to learn how to photograph the Milky Way. On this night in Inverell we had many laughs and a great group fo people.

Our dark sky location was Copeton Dam which did not have much water due to drought and instead our subjects were the interesting boulders which are usually submerged. After a night of shooting we set up for a group photo and captured a fun-loving image. 

I capture group photos at times and wish I could do one at each workshop but it is busy teaching and ensuring people are receiving guidance for their own shots. I don't usually shot when hosting workhops unless it is for technique purposes.

We were out shooting for a long time and I asked if we had all finished and if they would like a group photo, they all excitedly said yes. So we hoped on the boulder and flashed our light into the sky!

I am happy to have this photo in my portfolio as it shows the good times we have on my Masterclass workshops. I have stopped travelling as much for workshops to be closer to home and this image is good to reflect on to remember all the amazing others I have met with photography.

  • Frames are avaialable in black or white Italian-Made frame or premium Australian oak. Frame size is 3cm wide with a black or white acid-free matboard.  The glass is clear glazed and professionally-finished comes ready to hang in your home.

    If you would like custom framing for a different size print or specific frame, matboard & glazing specs contact David at

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