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Flight to the stars

Flight to the stars


On a Masterclass workshop I hired the airport along with two airplanes to shoot as our subjects.

I was very fortunately to be able to organise this shoot as when I first thought of the idea of shooting the Milky Way with an airplane I never thought someone would allow me. I currently don't have any pilot friends.

They were amused by the idea but after showing my previous work they understood what I wanted to acheive. They were on board and the night went smoothly.

When I was discovering what career path I wanted to take I dreamt of being a pilot. I didn't go down this path but I have flown Cessna's with 6 hours of flying time.

I even flew from Mildura to Mungo Mungo after the Mildura Masterclass after an attendee found out my attempts to cross the dirt road in my C250 which is not a dirt road car. I blew a tyre and had to walk 26km in the desert to find help. I missed my opportunity to go to Mungo Mungo but he thankfully flew me over the next day in his aircraft. 

He even let me fly the plane most of the way!

This photo to me shows that an idea can come together eventually if you are persistent and patient.

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