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I had driven from Brisbane on my way to the Ipswich Masterclass workshop. Along the way I want scouting locations to capture Ivory Rock with the Milky Way.

I was unsuccessful finding a location close by to showcase the rock. However, I found a road which lead toward the rock with the Milky Way above close to our Masterclass location.

On the workshop we spent the night photographing a rustic windmill with the star and afterwards at midnight on the way to my Airbnb I pulled up to this location.

I kept an ear out for incoming traffic and experimented with compositions. I captured many without myself and felt it lacked a certain element.

I jumped into frame still dressed in my floral print shirt and shone the torch into the Milky Way. It was that extra element that was needed to complete this photo.

With Ivory Rock in the distance, it wasnt the image I initial had planned. Sometimes it is best to broaden your search and discover new compositions without a plan.

  • Frames are avaialable in black or white Italian-Made frame or premium Australian oak. Frame size is 3cm wide with a black or white acid-free matboard.  The glass is clear glazed and professionally-finished comes ready to hang in your home.

    If you would like custom framing for a different size print or specific frame, matboard & glazing specs contact David at

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