The Milky Way over the Skillion, Terrigal.

The Central Coast is home to many landmarks and Terrigal hosts this large rock formation leading out into the ocean. I often photographed from below with the Milky Way and there was always a missing element. I tried improving on it until one night I went to another vantage point.

From a higher location I could capture the dynamic landscape seen from below showcasing a more dramatic perspective. The waves crashed over the rock platform below appearing gentle in this image. From above using long exposures I was able to smooth the waters movement for a soothing image.

As I was capturing the panorama, clouds began to roll in from the south-west and I was running out of time before they would move closer to the Milky Way core. I was lucky as they didn't move fast and I was able to complete the sequence of photographs.

The night ended quickly and I was happy to capture an image which features the landscape surrounding the Skillion under the Milky Way. The clouds were a bonus addition which completes this panorama.

Over the years the Skillion has changed with rock collapses and the installment of a bright light atop the peak. This image was photographed in June 2017 when conditons were best for astro-photography and now acts as a timepiece.

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