David Magro Moon Masterclass

Sharing my love for photographing the night sky is my passion. Since 2014 I have taught over 2000 beginners and enthusiasts the skills needed to create stunning images at night. 

What you learn

Join a night capturing the beautiful moon. Learn how to photograph the fine details of the moon, moon landscapes and moon time-lapses using your telephoto lens from 200mm - 600mm or longer. Telescopes are welcome too.
The Masterclass is set in a classroom setting at The Entrance League Club before enjoying the night photographing the moon at Long Jetty.


How to choose the correct settings for the moon

Photograph sharper details of the moon

Process high detail moon photographs

How to photograph moon landscapes

Learn the best times to photograph the moon

Plan your future moon photographs

How to photograph a moon time-lapse


Receive access to guides and processing tutorials

The Moon Photography guide
Sharp Moon craters tutorial

High Detail Moon tutorial

Moon Landscape tutorial

Moon Time-lapse tutorial

You will need a camera and telephoto lens. Continue reading for more details.


2020 Moon Masterclass

The Entrance Leagues Club

ONLY 2020 DATE  December 21st

We meet at 6pm at the Entrance Leagues Club for theory then we will go to Long Jetty to photograph the Moon. Further details will be delivered upon booking.



David’s enthusiasm and passion for astro photography is awesome.

Great course, caters for beginners as well as the more advanced photographer


Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge.

—  Alison Robinson

Let's Capture The Moon!

Pricing and inclusions


Masterclass workshop

Professional Guidance

Access to Moon Masterclass guides

Access to Moon Masterclass tutorials

Amazing night under the moon

All sessions are pre-booked with limited spots.

How to join the Moon Masterclass

Book Your Spot Below


What you need

Almost any camera can join the workshop!

Bring your DSLR or Bridge camera (post 2013)

Any telephoto lens from 200mm (good for time-lapse)
Any lens 400 - 800mm (best for craters) or telescope.


Remote Release


You are welcome to attach camera to David's telescope on the night if you do not have a long telephoto lens

That's it!

Moon Gallery

Moon Time-lapse

Full Moon Sydney

Full Moon Nobbys Lighthouse

Masterclass Workshop FAQs

Why can you only photograph the Moon on specific dates?

Good question! We need to have a specific alignment and timing to produce the best images of the moon


What happens if it is overcast?

In the event of complete overcast weather, our Masterclass will be postponed to the next available night. I will send weather updates to participants 2 weeks, 1 week and 3 days before the workshop to provide plenty of time if we need to adjust our workshop date due to weather.

Can my camera and lens photograph the moon?

Most cameras and lens can photograph the moon including Optical Zoom Bridge-DSLR's. Generally a camera post-2013 can photograph the moon with good details with a telephoto lens. For example a Canon 550D (2013) or Nikon D3200 (2012) can photograph the moon with a 400+mm lens. Send a message to see if your camera and lens can.

I do not have a camera, can I join?

Yes of course! I have a spare camera and lens if you are starting night photography.

Do you have an age limit?

Many teenagers have joined a workshop. On the workshop I guide each person through the whole process.

Will you bring your telescope and can I attach my camera?

Yes of course, if you do not have a telephoto I will have my telescope on the night for you to photograph the moon. You may share the telescope with others who wish to do so to!


How do we book?

Bookings can be made by filling in the form above. There are limited spots available on the night so be sure to book as soon as possible. There is a no refund policy 14 days prior to your Masterclass. You are welcome to find a replacement for your workshops. Refunds will be given in full minus a 5% booking fee.


What happens if I can't make the workshop after booking?

There is a no refund policy 14 days prior to your Masterclass workshop date. You are welcome to find a replacement for your workshops or if 14 dyas notice has been provided we can arrange the next available workshop date. Refunds will be given in full minus a 10% booking fee when 14 days notice has been provided.

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