Milky Way Editing Masterclass

Photographing Milky Way landscapes is my passion. Now, I am sharing my techniques and workflow for you to create stunning Milky Way images and videos in this full-day Masterclass. Master the art of post processing and learn how to make your Milky Way landscapes pop and dramatic. This course is for beginners and enthusiasts with no prior knowledge.

What you'll learn:

Create stunning Milky Way Panoramas
Noise - free Milky Way landscapes
Blend sky and foreground Milky Way exposures
Layer masking to adjust foreground and sky separately
Create stunning star trails
Milky Way time-lapse

Blend modes and effects to make your photo pop

Edit Milky Way landscapes in Photoshop and Lightroom
All RAW images with further instructions are provided for you to follow. 

2019 Editing Masterclass Tour

9am - 4:30pm
Keep reading below for the Masterclass outline!

All sessions are pre-booked with limited spots. Fill in the form below

1 spot left 9th November - Gosford Regional Gallery
3 spots left 10th November - Newcastle New Lambton Wests
SOLD OUT 16th November - Brisbane George Williams Hotel

SOLD OUT 17th November - Brisbane George Williams Hotel

Let's bring your stars to life!

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Pricing and Inclusions


In-class post processing learning
Access to Editing Masterclass tutorials
Access to Editing Masterclass guides

All sessions are pre-booked with limited spots.

2019 Editing Masterclass Course Outline
During the Editing Masterclass you will learn how to bring out the details of the Milky Way and create stunning landscapes using astrophotography techniques I have mastered. Capturing your photograph is only the beginning of creating mesmerising images of the stars. Editing is where the real magic happens!

1. Milky Way Panoramas

Create stunning Milky Way Panoramas and edit them flawlessly. 

2. Noise - free photographs

Learn how to create noise-free images to bring out the finer details of your foreground and night sky. Dramatically improve the quality of your photographs.

3. Edit Milky Way Landscapes

Learn the workflow I use for every Milky Way landscape! We will start at the basics and work into the advanced techniques of Photoshop for you to create stunning photographs.
Enhance your Milky Way photos and draw attention to details using my creative editing workflow in Lightroom and Photoshop! Learn my techniques from start to finish to make your photos pop. Using a single photo, we’ll work through common edits to give you the skills you need to enhance your images further with basic and advanced techniques.

We’ll cover basic and advanced edits to explore how to really make your Milky Way landscapes come to life.
Nikon D600 with 14-24mm. 
David Magro Photoshop workflow

4. Star Trails

Spend a night capturing mesmerising star trails for you to create a star trail and a star trail time-lapse! This Masterclass teaching you how to set up your camera, plan your photoshoot, how star trails work, stacking your photographs and editing from start to finish.

5. Milky Way time-lapse

Learn how to plan and setup your camera to automatically capture your time-lapse and quickly edit together!

Let's add life to your night sky!

What to bring

PC or Mac
Photoshop and Lightroom Classic
Favourite single RAW file


Do I need a laptop?

Good question! Join the Editing Masterclass and you receive tutorials and guides for you to learn and apply in your free time on your desktop computer.

Can I take notes?

Yes! I encourage you to take notes as this is a great way to learn. You also receive take home guides if you choose not to takes notes on the Editing Masterclass.

What RAW files do I bring?

Bring your favourite single RAW photograph to edit. Star trails, stacked and time-lapse files will be provided for you!


I do not have any experience editing, can I come?

Yes of course! We will be learning the basics of Photoshop and Lightroom with no prior knowledge required. It is much more simple with a workflow.

Do you have an age limit?

Teenagers and adults are welcome to join

I teach photography workshops, can I join?

Unfortunately this workshops is not for workshop trainers and unable to join at this time.


How do we book?

Bookings can be made by filling in the form above.There are limited spots available on the day so be sure to book as soon as possible. There is a no refund policy 14 days prior to your Editing Masterclass. You are welcome to find a replacement for your workshops. Refunds will be given in full minus a 5% booking fee.

Enjoy the stars

David Magro


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