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David Magro Diaries 2014

In 2014 I began my Bachelor of Biotechnology degree and started exploring night photography learning how to predict the alignment of the stars for future photographs. This was the year I began chasing the stars and was featured in a gallery.

Tree of Life.jpg

Heavy fog dominated the landscape when I arrived at night to capture this photograph and a nearby light illuminated the fog producing a dramatic effect. After waiting 2 hours for the fog to ease, a brief window opened allowing me to capture an image with a well balance amount of fog.

In May, the Eta Aquarids meteors shower was on display from to the debris of Comet Haley.

The last time I watched a meteor shower was when I was on a trampoline as a child living in Glen Innes. This show was just as impressive as an adult.

I had just clicked the shutter composing in the dark when the biggest burst of light blazed towards Earth. The fireball lasted seconds and during this time the shutter was open capturing this moment. The next 15 seconds after the meteor was the longest as I was waiting to see if the camera captured it. It did! 

With a test photograph, I had just captured my first ever meteor.

Trail Blazer.jpg

Practicing night photography is a daunting practice as you often venture alone in the dark. There are not many people who want to join you at 10pm on a cold Wednesday night.


"Voyage" was photographed at Forresters Beach after scouting distinct rock positioning. I was searching for rocks which lead you out to sea. 

I entered this photograph in my first Exposure Photographer competition.

When the conditions were good for night photography I would visit Catherine Hill Bay to photograph the stars.


The tides would dictate how close I could get to the wharf, and on this night the tide was low for me to compose my shot from underneath the wharf. From the previous nights spent at Catherine Hill Bay this was my favourite from them all. It would later become my best seller for prints.


I also entered "Guide us the way" into the Exposure competition.

The idea for this photograph came to mind when I began thinking about the story-telling aspect of photography. I wanted to tell a story of two people on a journey to the stars.

A single image photograph did not have the feel I was achieving, so I attempted my first panorama stitching multiple image together to create a wide field of view capturing the Milky Way stretching across the sky.

I also placed "Guide us the way" in the annual IceInSpace calendar and won the category with a third of the votes. Mike Salway was another night photographer who runs IceInSpace who I looked up to. This was a major confidence boost in the direction to where my photography will take me.

2017 McMasters-X3.jpg

After learning panoramas I wanted to capture new compositions to showcase the Central Coast under the stars

Drifting with the Tide 2 3-X3.jpg

Killcare Beach panorama with red and orange airglow.

4 David Magro.jpg

University mid semesters had just finished and I planned a weekend trip to the Blue Mountains. Winds were travelling 90 km/h with bins and trash scattered over Katoomba.

It did not stop me from attempting the photograph I wanted with the Three Sisters with the Milky Way.

The clouds were moving fast with no large breaks. After waiting 4 hours and hundreds of photograph attempts later, I could see a small window of stars. I pressed the shutter and and I captured a gap in the clouds.


Trish our dog enjoyed her walks. She especially enjoyed late night walks so she could be off the lead.


I brought my camera with me to photograph Gosford waterfront to see how much light pollution was visible. We sat and watched the night go by and captured a brief moment when Trish was still during the exposure. Trish has since passed and this image is one I will cherish.


University for the year had finished and the Milky Way season way over.

I printed a high quality photo album showcasing my photographs and went to every business in Gosford, The Entrance and finally Terrigal where I met Kerrie. 

I walked into the KAB Gallery and show Kerrie my photographs. We had a great conversation and she wanted to display my work in her gallery alongside talented artists including Gillie and Marc, Pro Hart and Sally West. 

I made a phone call to have a selection of images framed and delivered them to The KAB Gallery within a few days.

I had a fantastic year in 2014, this is the year I truly became hooked on night photography.

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